What is Ev cars | How do They works- Best explanation in 2 minutes

Ev cars which we also know by the name of electric car, it is a type of car like all cars but there is some difference in it, it runs with the help of electricity, in this you will not get petrol diesel engine, it runs on electricity. You have the ability to charge it,

what is Ev cars ?
How do they Works ?

like the electric scooty you will see, it also has to be charged, you will also charge it and with a single charge, you can travel up to 313 km (194 miles) So let’s know how Ev cars work.

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How do They works

Four core components are installed in Ev cars and a chassis is made, the chassis of this car is different from the rest of the cars. In this, the battery tank, which is also called the battery bank, is attached and the inverter with VFD & DTC and this inverter runs with the help of 3 phase induction motor.

A lithium ion battery is installed at the bottom of an electric car, which saves a lot of space. And due to the low position of the battery, the car gets good stability .A battery bank is made of a lot of lithium ion batteries packed tightly so that all these batteries are well connected and then these batteries are installed in the cars.

A tube passes through the cells of these batteries, through which cool and flow is done so that the temperature of the battery is maintained and the battery can remain cool even in hot conditions. The battery module is arranged in a certain way that if needed To separate them

, there are 16 models inside the battery pack, which contain 7000 cells, to cool the hot glycol, they are taken out and passed through the radiator, after which the glycol is filled back into the battery.

The inverter converts the DC power of the battery pack into AC power and sends current to the induction motor. The inverter stores the battery power and transmits it to the induction motor according to the acceleration. As you know

that induction motor can control Ac Power and can also change the amplitude of Ac Power. So for this reason inverter is also called the brain of E-cars.

Induction motor is made up of two types of parts, one is STATOR and one is ROTOR. The rotor mainly works by the short circuit coming out of these rings, which is rotated by the short circuit conducted in the conducting bar located inside the rotor.

So the stator is given AC power input in three phases. Due to which the rotating magnetic field (RMF) is generated in the coil, then the rotating magnetic field starts rotating the conducting bar of the rotor, then electricity is generated. The frequency of induction motor totally depends on the frequency of Ac power, so if you want to increase the frequency of the car,

then its frequency has to be changed, in this way induction motor works, to connect the induction motor to the wheel of the gear box. It is done in which the motor is connected to the gear box, we can run the car on reverse or driving mode only by moving the gear connected to the motor forward or backward. The main function of the gear box is to generate maximum torque.

The next part of the gear box is the differential, the differential is rotated by rotating the slow gear. Differential rotates right and left wheel Open differential is used in electronic cars because due to more grip in open differential more torque can be generated. Friction from tires does not matter in open differential

Another great feature in an electric car is its regenerative braking system. Regenerative braking system is installed in all cars, whenever the acceleration of the car is released, the regenerative braking system gets activated, which produces kinetic energy and the battery of our electric car (EV) gets charged a lot.

How Ev cars Regenerative Braking System Works

Whenever the regenerative braking system is activated, the induction motor starts working like a generator. mainly when the induction motor works, the speed of the rotor is slower than its RMF. But whenever it works like a generator, the speed of the rotor should always be higher than the speed of the RMF,

so whenever this regenerative braking system is activated, the speed of the ROTOR increases from the speed of its RMF, so leaving the Accelerator But the inverter gradually reduces the supply of Ac Power induction motor Because of which the rotor which is running with the kinetic energy of the wheels gets faster than the speed of RMF.

Due to which the induction motor starts producing electricity and electricity is stored in the battery pack, so we know that on pressing the brake, the battery of the car is charged and electricity is produced.

How do brakes work in EV cars?

Whenever this braking system is activated, the reverse magnetic force is activated in the vehicle, due to which the speed of the wheel is slowed down.


So this was all the process by which electric cars work, I hope you have understood this whole article very well, if you have any question, then you can ask us in the comments section.

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