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In the last week, OPEN Ai has created a new chatbot, which we know today as ChatGPT, it works on artificial intelligence, this chatbot can answer questions like a human, you can ask anything from it, for example, suppose You asked him how to set up a birthday party or write an essay on why democracy is necessary, you can ask him anything.

ChatBot Name Chatbots GPT

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What is ChatGPT ?

chatGPT is a chatbot. That is, you chat with the robot. Why do? Because chatGPT is built on GPT 3.5. GPT 3.5 is a slightly improved version of GPT 3. ChatGPT is a combination of two words Chat + GPT. The full form of GPT is Generative Pre-trained Transformer, generate means the one who generates.

Pre-trained means one who does not need to be trained, is already born after doing M.A LLB. And Transformer means any machine learning model that understands the given text. That is, the GPT on which ChatGPT is built is an artificial intelligence model that is already trained and generates a lot of text on the basis of a few hints.

Pre-Trained : pre-trained module, it is already trained, why it is trained, because the artificial intelligence model of CHATGPT has been shown many times the photo of the things. For Example, when a child is born, we teach him that this is a cat, where he sees a cat, he understands that this is a cat,

then the child understands that this thing is called a cat, similarly to the artificial intelligence model of chatGPT. Many times that photo is shown from every angle so that the machine understands whether it is a cat or a dog.

NOTE: There is also a Problem in this Module that if the machine gets the trained data wrong from which it has been trained, then the answer it gives will also be wrong.

This transformer model was invented by Google’s Google Brains company in the year 2007. And Open Ai Company formed in 2015, which started working on GPT with transformer approach and then launched chatGPT.

How Can You Use it ?

How Can We Use ChatGPT

Currently it is in its beta version, to use it you have to go to OPENAi’s website and create an account there and then you can use this service. Many people have already registered for this chatbot. Took because of which it may show you a message that beta is full.

There have been more than 1 million users on the chatbot, due to which Sam Altman, CEO of OPEN Ai, has said that we are also thinking about monetizing it. It is possible that in future it will be completely monetized.

chatGPT is being trained in such a way that it can decline inappropriate requests, which are illegal in nature, as if any illegal act has been done, which people can use for wrong things, it can decline them. requests. This chatbot system uses Microsoft azure cloud infrastructure, all its data will be stored on Microsoft azure cloud.

Why it Generated So Much Buzz

There is a lot of discussion about this all over the world because it can do all the work for which humans are required, such as writing emails, preparing CVs, writing essays or completing homework, even it can do coding. it Can also solve your math’s.

But there is no guarantee that the answer you will get will be right or wrong.

Limitations of ChatGPT

Limitations of ChatGPT
  • Just like every technology has some limitations, similarly it also has some limitations,
  • it may be that sometimes it may give wrong information or make biased content,
  • there may be some answers that do not make any sense, you may get only one answer once repetitively.

Can It Replace Humans ?

Can ChatGPT Replace Humans

This model is of very new technology and it is not completely without flaws. This chatbot will be able to answer questions that are grammatically correct. Right now there is a lack of substance and context in it, so it is not necessary that it will replace humans, still there is a lot of deficiency in it, due to which it cannot completely replace humans at present.


So we hope that you must have understood what is ChatGPT and can it replace humans. It cannot replace it, but it can definitely help you in some situations like writing an email, writing a letter, learning a code. But it is possible that you may not be able to find your answer according to your questions, so whatever you find out from it, check it once to see if there is any mistake.

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