What is A Chatbots and Its Types | Full Details

So today we will tell you what are chatbots, what are the types of chatbots, how do they work. Because ever since chatGPT has come, people’s interest has increased in knowing that what is this chatbot, how can we use it in our work, on which algorithm does this chatbot work, how can we make it.

What is Chatbots How Do They Works

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What is A Chatbots

chatbot is made of a combination of two words. Chat means conversation and bot means robot, it means a robot that talks with us .Chatbot is a computer based program. Which is AI based. A software talks with a live user, some examples of chatbots

all these come under the category of chatbots, because as soon as you ask a question to the bots, these bots answer your questions at the same time gives .

how chatbots works

Chatbot has the ability to analyze data. Chatbot uses machine learning to chat, in this machine learning chatbot understands what the user is asking him and answers it by finding it in the database .Chatbot can talk to millions of people at same time.

Chatbots Finding data from his database

You must be thinking right now that there is so much information in the chatbot, so how does it give accurate answers to your questions, then let us tell you that here it uses an algorithm that according to the request of the user. Pays attention to the word that it has asked and then searches for the word that is most similar to that word and then gives us the answer.

Use of Chatbots

Chatbot can reply to millions of people at a time, whose only purpose is to give the best experience to their visitors without much cost. There are millions of customers of big companies and there is a customer service team for them, which answers your questions gives .

uses of Chatbots

The company has to pay salary to these people, due to which it does not hire more people, then this chatbot can work in place of these people and can answer the questions of the customers and there is no cost to it as we told that have to pay salary. These bots work for free.

Chatbot Types

Bots can be of many types, depending on their service, in which category they come, such as News Bot, personal fitness bot, banking bot, weather bot, travel assistance bot, etc.

On the basis of functionality, chatbots come under two categories.

Types of Chatbots

Rule Based or Script Bot:

  • We can also call rule-based chatbot decision-tree boots, these bots rules are pre defined, scripted, all the information is already filled in them and then these bots find answers to users’ questions in their database. So tell the answer.
  • These bots are completely scripted that the answer to the first question will be this to the second, this will be to the third, for example, suppose you asked the bot what is your name, then the bot will go to its database, find the answer to this question and then tell you that my name is xyz.
  • It is very easy to make some rules of rulebased chatbot and it is very difficult to make some rules. Apart from the answer of pre defined rules, no other questions can be answered. For example, the bot asked you if you want to eat something, then the chatbot’s database will answer this question in yes and no, but you have spoken may be or will eat later, then the chatbot will not give any answer in this situation.

AI-Based Smart Bot:

  • Artificially intelligent chatbots are also called smart bots. This bot uses NLP (natural language processing) technology to understand questions or queries, to solve them and to answer them. Due to NLP, you feel as if someone Man is talking to you. These chatbots are programmed and they also learn from your questions and answers so that there is no problem in answering the next time
  • The biggest difference between rule based and Ai based bot is that Ai-based bot uses machine learning models due to which it can answer millions of questions. And learns from mistakes, the more it is used, the more these bots will learn.

FAQ : (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1. chatbot can support voice input ?

Yes, chatbots supports voice like google assistance you ask questions in your voice and she answers in her voice, here you are not writing, you are asking directly through voice.

Q 2. can chatbot be hacked ?

Yes, These chatbots can be hacked and can be converted into evil bots that can deliver wrong information to the users.

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