What is Ai Camera – Full Top Details in 2 minutes

Today we will tell you what is ai camera and how it is used in camera, what are the features. The camera is there in everyone’s phone, but many people do not know that it also has AI which is used in the camera.

what is ai camera

What Is Ai Camera (Artificial Intelligence)

Ai is a type of technology or you can say it is a programming which is used in today’s phones or futuristic technologies, due to which robots or devices help to perform any task better.In the same way, a software is inserted in the camera so that your camera experience is good, in this the camera detects that what is this, which setting will look better in it, for example, you must be taking selfies,

then when a person or your friend If it is far away, it shows you and blurs the background, which makes your selfie look good and on the other hand, if that person or your friend is near you, then the AI ​​of the camera will not blur it.

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Features Of Ai Camera

There are many features of ai camera, but after knowing some main features, you can take your selfie to the next level.

 Red Eye

Ai Camera's Red Eye Reduction feature

You must have understood from its name that it reduces the red eye means removes it when you take a photo or selfie and if the person whose photo you have clicked is showing red color then You can correct with these features and make your photo great.

Facial Recognition

Ai Camera's Facial Recognition feature

You will usually see this feature in many phones, as security, it scans your face closely and keeps a data of it, then next time it matches that data with your face closely and all match That devices or software opens only when it happens, let’s understand it with an example

Suppose you have bought a phone and this feature in it and you have installed security in your phone using Facial Recognition, so now when you open your phone, before that the phone will check your face from your camera whether it is the same person or not. Will check the shape and size of your face, nose, lips, eyes, if there is a difference, then the phone will not open, you will write ACCESS DENIED.

Object Recognition

Ai Camera's Object Recognition feature

As you must have understood from its name that it works to recognize the object, it takes some pics with the help of the camera and processes it and tells what it is, let’s understand it with an example, it is a tesla car. Automatic runs but object recognition helps in driving it it keeps taking pics in front of the car all the time and by processing it,.

understands which car is how far away, where is the tree, where is the road, and then ai Runs the car according to that data and this process working continuously in speed

Zoom and Enhance

Ai Camera's Zoom and Enhance feature

As you know that some photos are so small in size that if you see them, you will not get as clear as they are when clicked with a good camera. So this feature zooms that photo and makes its quality so much better that you can see it clearly, if you still do not understand, then let’s understand with an example.

 As you may know that whenever a crime happens, the camera is first checked, the recording in it is seen, usually it does not come so clear, but with the help of AI’s zoom and enhance feature, The quality of that picture or video is increased so that the persons can be identified easily.


Today we told you what is ai camera and how to use it and improve your photography experience.

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